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6 March

As part of theatre company Magic Maverick’s development for their first show Moonshine’s Entirely Necessary Adventure they invite you to a concert of music and poetry. 


Following the story of Moonshine, a girl of thirteen with silver skin as she escapes the enchanting yet oppressive forest she was raised in the show explores what it truly means to be yourself. As Moonshine quests through a magical landscape to find her fate she encounters wolves, pirates, mermaids and magicians on this most necessary of adventures.

Magic Maverick are an emerging interdisciplinary theatre company who use theatre to give voice to those who have historically been denied one. Presenting a playful world where gender is fluid and rules are made to be broken their work aims to inspire, challenge and to be open to everyone. @magicmaverick1
Shows starts 7pm
Moonshine’s Entirely Necessary Adventure is made possible by Iris Theatre’s commitment to showcase new work by emerging artists. This work is supported through a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.