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25 June - 25 July

On a blood-soaked battlefield the young Prince, Edward of Lancaster, is murdered by the three sons of York; Edward, Clarence and the crook-backed Richard. The War of the Roses seems over; the Lancastrians are crushed; York is finally victorious. But in the shadows of this glooming peace a new darkness grows. In their moment of triumph, conspiracy, murder and intrigue will tear the House of York apart. Friendships will fail, brother will turn on brother, and the innocent will be put to the knife. All must die in pursuit of the hollow crown.

In this open-air promenade production England’s War of the Roses, and Shakespeare’s greatest villain, will be brought to one of London’s busiest public spaces. As they journey with the story the audience will be drawn deep into the heart of this dark and dangerous conspiracy.

With the recent discovery of Richard III‘s body under the tarmac of a Leicestershire car park, the story of Richard has never been more prominent in our imaginations and so there is no better year to explore Shakespeare’s Richard; one of his most beguiling and magnetic Kings.



Richard, Duke of Gloucester

David Hywel Baynes

King Edward VI & Lord Stanley

Sam Donnelly

Queen Margaret, Sir William Catesby & Earl of Richmond                                           

Mark Hawkins

George, Duke of Clarence & Duke of Buckingham

Nick Howard-Brown

King Henry VI, Earl Rivers & Duchess of York

Dafydd Gwyn Howells

Lord Hastings & Lord Mayor of London

Joel Mellinger

Prince Edward of Lancaster, Prince Edward of York & Lady Anne

Anne-Marie Piazza

Queen Elizabeth

Laura Wickham

All other characters played by the company.



Director                                                         Daniel Winder

Producer                                                        Tara Finney

Assistant Producer                                        Sophie Quaile

Set Designer                                                   Maria Koutsouna

Lighting Designer                                           Ben Polya

Sound Designer                                              Filipe Gomes

Costume Designer & Wardrobe Mistress     Christine Oliver

Fight Director                                                  Roger Bartlett

Construction Manager                                    Nigel Winder

Stage Manager                                               Rah Petherbridge

Deputy Stage Manager                                    Sophie Berger

Front of House Manager                                James Hameed

Bar/Kiosk Manager                                         Amy Mayles

Assistant Bar Manager                                   Celine Pennec

Public Relations                                              Kevin Wilson PR

Graphic Designer                                            Rebecca Pitt

Filmmaker                                                      Sam Underwood

Photographer                                                  Alex Harvey-Brown          

Make Up Artist                                             Lizzie Downes

Production Assistants                                  Alisa Stewart, Yiwei Zhou

Set Volunteers                                             John Hoof, Amber Scarlett, Alexa Muench, Gemma Squires          

Costume and Wardrobe Assistants            Candy Bradford, Lizzie Parker,

                                                                    Abby Shaw, Stephanie Lane,

Stage Management Assistants                  Charlotte Cooper