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What is the difference between St Paul’s Church and Iris Theatre?

Iris Theatre is a theatre company and charity with its main office inside St Paul’s Church. Iris works with the church to employ the space and gardens throughout the year for their productions and projects. St Paul’s church is a listed building and active church.

Is there an in-house casting director?

No, Iris Theatre does not have an in-house casting director. All casting is done through open call on Spotlight

Is there public restroom access at Iris Theatre?

St. Paul’s church has no public restroom access. The closest public toilet is located outside the building to left of the church entrance on the Covent Garden Piazza. There are several restaurants and pubs around who are happy to let you use their facilities as well.

Does Iris Theatre have disabled access?

There is a ramp to the left of the church steps which provides access to the main church space which we use as a venue.

Do you offer discounts to groups or schools?

There is a special discount for school groups for our in-house summer productions. For more information email tickets@iristheatre.com

Do you offer student/child discounts?

We offer child tickets for most of our productions. These are for young people aged 16 or under.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my baby?

You do not need to purchase a ticket for children under 18-months. 

What is the policy on photography/filming during a show?

We do not allow any filming or photography during any of our shows.

Since Iris Theatre is in St. Paul’s church, does that mean there is a dress code?

We do not have a strict dress code policy. We ask that patrons are mindful and respect the church as a building when they consider their attire.

When booking with Iris Theatre, is there a booking fee when buying a ticket?

Yes, we charge a 90p booking fee when booking tickets online or over the phone.

Is there parking near the theatre?

As we are in the heart of Covent Garden there is very limited street parking. We advise you use public transport when you come to see one of our shows.

Can you accommodate Hearing dogs/ Guide dogs?

Yes, as long as they don’t chase our resident cat Jones!

Are there reserved seats?

Since the productions are held on the grounds and/or in the church we offer no reserved seats on our tickets. However, groups are permitted to reserve a section of the church ahead of time by contacting the theatre office at tickets@iristheatre.com

What happens if the weather is bad?

The vast majority of performances are completed each year. If it is only light rain, the performance goes on and we offer ponchos to our audiences. If it continues pouring badly, we may have to stop the show and re-start once the rain has cleared. With some shows, we will have the option of moving the show inside the church.

On rare occasions, it will not be possible for us to complete the performance. Tickets are then non-refundable in the event of cancellation because of the weather but may be exchanged for another performance or any other Iris Theatre show, subject to availability.

Iris Theatre’s summer shows are open-air shows and audiences therefore accept that weather, climate and temperature which are out of our control are part of the experience at Iris Theatre.

What time will you decide whether the performance will be cancelled due to bad weather?

We will never cancel a performance before the advertised start time. This is because you would be amazed how often it can rain all day and then clear up just in time for the action to start and indeed, how localised bad weather can be.

If a show is cancelled on account of the weather, we will announce this at the time of cancellation at the venue.

What is your refunds policy?

Tickets may only be refunded in the case of a cancelled show by us. Refunds are not given for cancellation or abandonment of a show as a result of the weather.

Can I reschedule for a different performance / amend my booking?

We can reschedule provided you give us 48 hours notice and phone 0207 240 0344. There is a 90p administration fee.

What is a preview performance?

Preview performances are very popular in the theatre industry – they are shows that occur early on in the run sold at a discount price to the public which are for the director to make small amendments to improve the production and iron out any technical difficulties. They are the full show, and to the unknowing eye not much changes except usually for some lighting/sound cues, minor blocking changes and sometimes smoother transitions.

Can I bring a picnic?

You may bring your own snacks however we do not permit audiences to bring in their own alcoholic drinks.

What is the seating provision?

For concerts and showcases which take place in the church we do not provide allocated seating as the church benches are not numbered. For our summer shows in the gardens we provide ample benches and chairs for audience members to sit on and our Front of House staff are equipped with folding chairs if you would like a seat with a back rest.

Is there a bar in the venue?

There is a modest bar that stocks drinks and snacks available at each production.

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