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Over the last decade Iris Theatre has brought its uniquely interactive, immersive, audience-participatory approach to Shakespeare and we are excited to be able to offer our Schools Engagement Programme to students of all ages! All our workshops are run by actors and theatre professionals who have performed in Iris Theatre’s shows and have hands-on experience of Shakespeare’s work.

Through practical exploration your pupils will gain a greater understanding of these plays in performance and this in turn will feed back to a greater understanding of the plays on the page.

We also have an additional set of schools learning resources to facilitate your lesson planning which are free for you to download at any time.

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Workshop Packages

Our workshops can be adapted to suit the needs of your students, and we can reconfigure them to be focused on any Shakespeare text. We can design the workshops to your students ages, key stage and group size.

Students attending one of our workshops before a performance get the most out of our Schools Engagement Programme, by being introduced to the cast and the text before watching one of our acclaimed promenade productions. We offer an exclusive discount on school groups to keep the tickets and workshops affordable for all students. Our workshops held on-site before a performance help the students engage with the text by being able to interact with the sets and get a unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ experience of Iris Theatre.

Outside our summer production season, we will come to you and provide 2 hour workshops on any Shakespeare text your students may be studying in the classroom. Some of our popular workshops are outlined below.

♦   Shakespeare’s Dream Workshop – Key Stage 2 +

A two hour hands on experience exploring the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream through performance, storytelling and games.

Prices start from £310 for 30 students.

♦   Exploring Shakespeare Workshop – Key Stage 3 +

A two hour session exploring character and plot, our actors will help your pupils bring parts of the story to vivid physical life. Based on our current Shakespeare production.

Prices start from £310 for 30 students.

♦   Shakespeare Understood Workshop – Key Stage 4 +

Four actors will help your pupils deepen their understanding of the language and meaning of these plays through an interactive exploration of key scenes. Based on either Romeo & Juliet or A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Prices start from £310 for 30 students.

♦   Advanced Shakespeare for Drama A Level

A two hour workshop, where, using the companies own approaches, students will rehearse scenes from the play with three actors and one of our resident directors.

Prices start from £450 for 35 students.

♦   Advanced Shakespeare for English A Level

A two hour workshop where a detailed exploration of the language, rhythm and rhyme of Shakespeare, with three actors and our Artistic Director Dr. Daniel Winder.

Prices start from £500 for 35 students.

Please contact for more information or to discuss your workshop package or booking tickets for this years Shakespeare production – Macbeth.

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Past School Workshop Participants

“The children, parents and staff absolutely loved the production and were completely ‘blown away’ by the standard of the performance. Any company that can make children as young as 8 years old enthusiastic about Richard III has got to be worth praising! We really were extremely impressed and I received some wonderful comments from both parents and children alike. Thank you to you all.”

Henrietta Syers – Richard III – Teacher – St Paul’s Cathedral School

“All 28 students absolutely adored the performance and I think the site-specific promenade really made it memorable for them. They were buzzing all the way home ! Moving on to the workshop – the actors were great, really full of energy and managed to pitch it at the right level to the students, who again loved every minute of it and didn’t want to leave. A credit to you all, and thank you once again for providing such a great experience.”  

As You Like It – Paul Crisp – London City Academy

“We all really enjoyed it: perfect for the kids as you really kept their interest by using the different staging areas.  They were so close to the actors that they were fascinated.  The students we took were aged 12-13 from an inner city school and it really appealed to them.”

Romeo & Juliet – Ms. Chandler – The Raines Foundation School