Backstage Pinocchio: Emma’s Snog, Marry, Avoid
Who would you snog, marry and avoid out of your cast members? 
“Having been asked to say who I would snog, marry or avoid in the cast and being loathe to answer as Emma Darlow, I will delegate to my alter ego- Mrs Cat. Whilst she and Mr Fox bicker constantly she confesses she would like nothing more than to give him a big snog. She finds his wheeling, dealing ways nothing short of irresistible.
She has a soft spot for Lampwick, in his donkey form, and would jump at the chance to settle down and have eeyoring cats, until the cows come home. 
Meanwhile she would avoid the Green Fisherman because he quite insultingly thinks that she is a fish! Miaow!”
CF3_0657Hi – Emma Darlow