Backstage Pinocchio: The final stages of rehearsal

So it’s a week till we open and things are really starting to shape up in the rehearsal room. The lines have been learnt, the songs are sounding beautiful, characters created and the puppets are mostly behaving!

Now comes the tricky part….putting it altogether! This part of the process often feels like rubbing your tummy at the same time as tapping your head – it should be so simple as each individual section has been rehearsed thoroughly but it always proves problematic.

I try to concentrate on the character and acting to get me through this awkward phase but in the last few days I have ended up struggling to walk and talk at the same time never mind sing and dance!!

I have no fear that this will all clear in the next few days and we will be ready with a beautiful fun-filled show come opening night. I am so proud of the show already and I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a talented cast. Come and see us from 29th July – 29th August!


© Michael Wharley Photography 2014 – Simon Kent