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Below is the selection of personal adverts from our Blind Date Composers seeking Lyricists to take their top five selections from. Once you have made your choice please scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the Top Five Choice Form. Deadline for this is Sunday 9th August 2015.


I'm a classical and jazz-trained composer and music director who has written for plays and ensembles in the UK and Australia. I enjoy writing in a wide range of styles and love to stretch myself artistically by working with interesting people. For me songs are about the stories and characters, not about styles, genres, or chords, so I'll always try to write whatever tells the story best.

Alice M

I enjoy writing musical theatre in a number of styles - whatever music suits that moment, that's what we'll write! I love harmonies and orchestration and have recently been working on some more electronic music. I particularly enjoy working around comedy.

Nicola JB

In terms of arranging style, I work very much on the fantasy-cinematic end of the spectrum. Having said that, I have also undertaken many classical-style projects. I am more inclined to use colourful, contemporary style harmonies in accompaniments and lean towards popular style melody patterns. Before my traditional orchestral training, I was influenced heavily by alternative rock, dream pop and funk metal patterns during my adolescence. Whilst open to all suggestions, I might work more effectively with a collaborator who finds surrealistic concepts, epic dramas and rousing showstopper style numbers more appealing.

Noam G

Hello potential future drinking partners! I have spent the past 2 years focusing more on performance, and now eager and excited to get back to my writing! I'm currently looking for lyricists for a few projects I'm working on, so a good connection might lead to wonderful things. I find it hard to pin down all the "musical styles" I work with, I would have to say I go where the text takes me, I try to find the right musical world for the piece, and then just dive in and go crazy, whatever comes out is usually a surprise.

Joseph F

I'm a trained classical composer, but I can turn my hand to pretty much whatever style is needed. I aim to combine memorable melodies with musical richness and complexity. I'm very concerned with lyrics and story - I'm not someone that's only interested with music - for me book is at the heart of everything. I love stories that mix the personal with the political, so if you do to - we'd proabably be a good match.


I work in musical theatre as a composer and musical director, and I'm a member of Book Music & Lyrics. I'm looking for a lyricist who loves the power that songs have to convey emotions which you just can't get in written speech. Let's explore different ideas and styles and see what we can create. Al Sherman said he aimed for 3 S's in his songs: simplicity, sincerity and singability. I'm with him all the way!

Link to music

Link to music

I love a variety of styles of music, including crazy but funky dance, Afro Beat with a twist, musical theatre-esque and more.


I work in a very wide range of musical styles (from rock to opera), based upon a huge knowledge of music, both as composer and performer (voice - soloist and choral - piano, violin, viola, trumpet). I also write lyrics - and libretti - and have experience of writing plays, short stories, novels, screenplays and journalism. Looking for someone at the top of their game, as ready as me to work very hard and aim for the highest level of story-telling strength and clarity. Character and action are what it's all about. And imagination and fun. Always fun.


I work with playwrights and lyricists who've needed a "classical" approach, similar to something you'd hear in a film score. I'd like to work with someone who can stretch the boundaries of the imagination, and who can bring the emotion and setting of the text to life. Imagination doesn't necessarily equate to complexity. Well crafted, yet simplistic and relatable text is sometimes the most imaginative.

Patrick S

I like writing music that is fun and funky, with melodies that are memorable and enjoyable for both the performer to deliver and for the audience to enjoy. The lyrics drive my choice of musical style, as the story of the song really needs to flourish and I would love to set a funny and light-hearted human tale, keeping the audience smiling and guessing what is coming next. I look forward to hearing ideas from a potential collaborator and moulding them together into something fun - hopefully with an aim to work together on other projects in future!


I am a composer/lyricist and am entering as a composer. Always up for collaborative projects, especially in the area of musical theatre. Both sites below contain examples of my work, but I have two tracks I am currently recording which will be more recent examples.

Link to music

Link to music
Maike W

I am an orchestral and chiptune composer, and specialise in film noir, fantasy, 8bit and orchestral music. I write songs under an alias and have work published often. You can have a look at my website here: for more information.

Gavin D

My music is often piano-driven and lies somewhere between bands such as Queen or Muse, the film music of Hans Zimmer, and musicals such as Les Mis. As a composer I enjoy the challenge of word-setting, whether its fast-paced Tim Minchin-esque wordplay or an emotive song where each word needs time to breathe. I am flexible in my approach to writing music, and am always happy to experiment with new styles to find the best sound for every song. I am looking for lyrics that challenge the standard concepts of musical theatre and move into new and exciting territory.

Jason S

Dramatic narrative-led style, influenced by Stravinsky, Boulanger, Shore and Williams to name a few.

Jo Ta

Full on modern musical theatre (think 90s onwards!), fun, happy, emotional, uplifting. I'm looking for a witty lyricist who is interested in story telling. Must enjoy rom coms, great stories, and pizza.


Enthusiastic composer working in a wide variety of modern and traditional musical theatre styles, preferring to begin with a strong melody and take it from there! Seeking witty and imaginative lyricist!

Kitty McD

I love Boubil and Schonberg / Rogers and Hammerstein / Sondheim - I really enjoy collaborating and musicals are my life! I would love to work on something sci-fi / post apocalyptic as I'm fascinated by these subjects, however I'm pretty open to all suggestions! I'm looking for someone who loves working collaboratively and is chilled out and enjoys a giggle. Look forward to meeting you! :-)

Oliver W

I'm looking for a lyricist with the ability to break down creative boundaries, who knows his / her craft and a heavy dose of black humour. I wear many hats as a musician. I have an early background in classical music and rock 'n' roll and studied composition to doctorate level, having pieces played by several top ensembles, all the while playing guitar and keys in bands. I have a long-standing interest in South Asian, notably Bengali, music. Other musical styles I have more recently worked with include a burgeoning career as a theatre composer, and also metal and electronica.

Stuart B

I'm a composer and songwriter working mainly in indie-folk / orchestral-pop genres, but also interested in electronica genres (Aphex Twin, James Blake etc). I'm interested in the possibilities of creating music-theatre in those and styles. I'm particularly interested in devised work and immersive, interactive theatre, collaborating with writers or actor-musicians to create songs and/or starting points for theatre.


Desperately seeking lyricist! I enjoy big ballads (that's not a euphemism!) but would love the opportunity to work with words for small "folky" and narrative songs. My songs can range from simple phrases that grow into complex counterpoint to country rock and the more musical side of pop! I'm a piano player who writes like a guitarist. I like a strong, memorable melody and I'm not afraid of a key change! Lately, I've been veering towards some (dare I say it?) "Sondheimesk" tunes but need someone who can write words with wit and heart and pentameter to bounce off. X

Jo Tu

I hope to find someone who is comfortable writing both rhythmically and not. Usually the latter is more interesting and it helps me be even more creative! The way I have written in the past has always been lyrics first, with a little back and forth where syllables don’t quite work with the sounds I’ve created so I’m looking for someone who is highly collaborative and flexible in approach. My style tends to lean towards folk-like melodies though see the link to my album for some short demos to give you a greater idea of what I do!

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