Blog by Anne-Marie Piazza

“From all the characters in the play, who would your character Snog/Marry/Avoid?

Snog. Marry. Avoid.

Well Isabella Hands has sailed the seven seas and has a man in every port so this is an apt question for her. That said she isn’t a woman to mix business with pleasure…
Smollett, too clever by half! There’s no leverage there and in Isabella’s opinion, Long John should be the Captain.  They are from different worlds and have totally opposing moral compasses. She just wants him out of the way so they can take control of the ship.
Initially I thought Black Dog because he is already under her power but actually she is a tactical woman and would be more likely to use her allure to get something she wants. She would aim at the person in control to wrestle power from them and since Captain Smollett is too sharp to notice any manipulations, I think the Squire would be her target. Being a rather proud man he’d be easy for Isabella to draw in and seduce. In a stolen moment he would fall for her charms and as their lips met she would take his map, his gold and his life.
Isabella is not a woman to settle down so this is hard but the one person she admires most on this boat is Long John Silver. He is clever, calculated and the power behind the pirate cause. If she married anyone it would have to be him, there is mutual respect and as much honesty as you’ll find amongst thieves.
Or… And this is a bit left field but…Mrs Livesey. Now stick with me here. Isabella has travelled the world and as a female mariner it is definitely a man’s world. Mrs Livesey is clearly intelligent and brave, qualities that are useful and admirable. And since Isabella has had any man she wanted and probably doesn’t think much of the male sex on a whole maybe she’d actually consider tying herself long term to a woman as bold as herself.  Admittedly it would take some effort to turn Mrs Livesey’s good nature and convince her to join the world of the Pirates (and Isabella is unlikely to give it up) but once she’d taught the good doctor how to hold a cutlass, I could imagine them adventuring across the globe together doing great feats of daring do.