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What drew me to audition for the part?? by Graeme Dalling

Shakespeare outdoors in the summer has always been on the bucket list of acting jobs for me. In the elements, the unpredictability, a hands on company approach, the audience right in front of you, minimal set and props; its theatre in its truest form, and as close as you can imagine to how it probably was in Shakespeare’s day.

Another reason I was keen to audition was the fact that Much Ado was a play I had very little knowledge of. I’d maybe seen it once at the globe but had never actually sat down and read it before. The idea of discovering a ‘new’ play appealed to me a lot.

I’m always drawn to playing characters who are perhaps known as not being particularly likeable or difficult to understand. I’m intrigued to find the humanity in these characters, find out what makes their brain tick and also to find their sympathetic edge. If you’re going to play a character you have to like them! We all make stupid decisions and don’t get it right all the time and I was interested in playing Claudio as a young man desperate to make the right decisions but just keeps getting it wrong! He has a great journey in the play, we see him mature before our very eyes!

Lastly, I have a few friends who have worked for Iris Theatre and heard nothing but great things about the company. This was a good enough an endorsement I needed to audition!

Right I have to go. I casually mentioned last night I make my own bread and so I’ve been roped into bringing in a loaf tonight for rehearsals!

My delicious bread

My delicious bread