Blog by Maddy Ross-Masson

What are the costumes looking like?


All aboard in shipshape fashion! My dedicated team of volunteers and I have been busily stitching

away to create costumes for the cast of Treasure Island. From my initial designs to the final fittings

we have been working hard to create a nautical 18 th century aesthetic.

The costuming process is now in its final stages, with a focus on alterations for size and additional

design features. We are particularly working on ‘breaking down’ the costumes, a technique used to

artificially age them with paint, dye and sandpaper. This gives the outfits a lived in feel and a sense

of history to the character.



Some of the more unusual costumes have required a lot of creative thinking and experimentation to

make. My favourites of these have been turning leather into wood and the giant masks of the

mystical island deity character ‘Davy Jones’. The masks had to be big and durable but also light and

easy to put on or take off, quite a challenge.

Elements of the costumes have had to change as the cast goes through rehearsals. Sometimes an

actor needs to move in a way we were not expecting, needs extra pockets for props or needs to

make a quick exit from one costume to another. All of these factors have to be taken into account

when making for a theatre production.

Although we still have plenty to do we are on track to create a fantastic collection of costumes which

I can’t wait to see in action.