Amy Draper headshot2

By Amy Draper – Director – Much Ado About Nothing

Day 1 of rehearsals – always a heady mix of excitement and first-day-of-school nerves. And today was no exception. There is something thrilling, as a director, about finally being in the room with the company that has been meticulously put together over months. People who will become a very close-knit little family over the coming weeks as we explore the complex world of Much Ado.

We started the day with some ensemble work and different approaches to creating a character. In the afternoon we played around with some text exercises as well as doing the first read through of the play. This is also often a slightly scary moment (Will the edit be clear? Will the cast work well together? Will it be funny?) and I’m delighted to report that even at this early stage some real humour was found, alongside moments of genuine poignancy. The cast are going to be fantastic.