iris theatre presents,

episode 2: a brave new world

This year Iris Theatre are setting out to combine acrobats, dancers, actors, a composer and a graphic novelist in the second installment of the 2011 hit ‘Circuit’.


explore video and art in this years ‘Circuit’

click on the yellow circles to see the concept art work by Dan Morison


Iris received Arts Council funding to undertake a week-long research and development project, held at Hackney’s famous ‘Circus Space’.

Artistic Director Dan Winder says the multi-disciplinary approach is aimed at creating a "brand new style of storytelling".

"The overall vision of the project is the creation of a piece that can exist on several platforms simultaneously. We’ll explore ways of integrating the different skill sets of the artists, and so develop a brand new style of performance incorporating the best elements of each of their disciplines.

The setting for this exploration is a future dystopic landscape peopled by mutants, humanoids and cybernetic robots. The narrative will draw on the whole British Science Fiction tradition; from Riddley Scott's Blade Runner to Huxley's Brave New World, as well as more traditional fairy tales."

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