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Anno Domini

23 November

Book by Joel Hooks and Frank Madone | Music & Lyrics by Sandy Callaghan-Hooks

Young Darius is a rough diamond.

Abandoned by his Roman father, he resents Nazareth and his Jewish culture. Only Mary makes it bearable but her subsequent engagement and unplanned pregnancy is too much and her family’s claim of a ‘divine’ conception is clearly ridiculous.

Disenchanted, Darius joins the Roman army and a year later finds himself on duty at the royal palace, the night a curious party of travellers arrive from the east. They are searching for an infant king who had been born locally, some 18 months earlier…to a virgin.

Will he make the connection? 

An edgy re-tellng of the Christmas story daring, dynamic and entertaining…

Anno Domini is directed by Israel Oyelumade.

(Previously known as Christmas The Musical – A musically dramatised story with 16 exciting songs, accompanied by a full band.) 


Martin Callaghan, Tomos Eames, Berwyn Pearce, Bryn Hodgen, Peri Olufunwa, Fia Houston-Hamilton, Darren Street, Kris Mark-Joseph, Simeon Oakes, Andreanne Athanasiou, Sophia Kiely, Sam Peterson, Israel Oyelumade.

Additional Writers: Tambo Silavwe and Tamsin Collison

Musical Director: Katharine Woolley

Recommended Age : 7+

Duration: 2 hours