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Cross Platform

22 March

For Workin Process 4, we focussed on cross disciplinary performance.  We wanted to encourage performers to break out of their usual patterns and try something new: either by challenging their own performance style or by collaborating with another artist from a different discipline.

With cutting edge dance, opera, music & performance we had an extraordinary evening of pasta making singers, hip hop inspired MCs, opera collectives and everything in between.

Line-up and Performance Details

Amber Priestley & Sarah Kelly

This is an interplay between music and the written word. The piece is interpreted by the audience, who control their own experience by becoming integral performers. What is it that makes a performance space? And what does it mean to be the creator? Or an audience member? or a curator? or a performer of a piece of music?
Visit www.amberpriestley.com for more information.

Composed by Andreas Papapetrou
Performed by Androniki Liokoura, Andreas Papapetrou, Stella Parlavantza, Kristin Sofroniou.

This music theatre piece is for 4 pianists and playfully looks at the nature of piano performance and the role of the performer in it. A musician’s life and practice is always tied to his instrument. After a certain point the musician cant imagine not being bound to his piano. Does he ever wish for escape?
Visit www.myspace.com/andreaspapapetrou for more info.

‘Immersion in Place’
Sounding Motion
A short excerpt from this Sounding Motion piece. These two sections for solo dancers and a viola & percussion duo are based on Tigran Mansurian’s “Taghs“. These short, emotional pieces reference the crucifixion and funeral of Christ. The work is derived from an improvisatory process but has a strong structural configuration drawing heavily on the movement of Armenian religious rituals.
Visit www.soundingmotion.com for more information.

Changing Spaces Theatre Company
This dynamic duet is inspired by the violinists struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. As she finds her own hidden movements (represented by the woman in the cage) she discovers the ‘healing power of dance’. It has a joyful ending as she plays beautiful music to the memory of the freedom of dance.
Visit www.changingspacestheatre.com for more information.

‘Verdi Prati’
Barefoot Opera
Directors: Jenny Miller/Polly Graham
Performers: Carleen Ebbs (Soprano); Aino Konkka (Mezzo); Antoine Salmon (Bass).
This newly formed ensemble plans to re-ignite the opera art form by re-mixing opera’s raw materials – voices, bodies, instruments and scores – to create a dynamic and distinctive group ethos and style.
Visit barefootopera.blogspot.com for more information.

‘Thou Shalt’
Silversmith Dance Theatre
Thou Shalt explores the complex lives of Puritan colonial women, who lived in a time when religion suppressed self-expression and paranoia was rife. This piece fuses expressive movement, historical costume and live music to create an atmospheric and emotive performance. The show explores themes of identity, struggle, paranoia and resistance.
Visit www.silversmithdance.co.uk for more information.

‘Pedestrian Patchwork’
This piece explores the connections between sound and music; between movement and dance; the way we perceive these pairs as being distinct; and the impact this perception has on the nature of performance itself. The piece invites the audience to discover the different physical and sonic spaces around them.
Visit www.alivism.com/projects/moonworkscollective for more.

Scope Dance Theatre
The inspiration for this piece came from the different geographical origins of the company’s dancers (Australia, Cyprus, Jamaica, UK, Vietnam). Palette draws on this diversity of roots, and also on the diversity in dance education and dance styles, and finds a pathway to common ground. The company’s values are based on the four main elements of the hip-hop culture (Breaking, Graffiti, DJing, MCing). The dance styles used are hip-hop/breaking and contemporary dance in a dance theatre combination.
Visit www.scopedancetheatre.com for more information.

‘Touch, Listen, Play, Know’
Eleonora, Virginia and Natanael
Choreographer: Eleonora Pennacchini
Performers: Virginia Scudeletti, Natanael Díaz
Touch, Listen, Play, Know is a choreography for a dancer and a violinist inspired by Amos Oz’s book Scenes from a village life. This piece seeks to explore the contrasting and interweaving feelings typical of a starting love relationship. Tension and playfulness, shyness and confidence are braided here by a particular encounter of live music and dance.

‘Gorgeous Pasta’
The “BE ITALIAN!” Company
Italians are rather tolerant. If they weren’t how could Berlusconi have lasted so long? Nevertheless there are a few unforgivable sins: overcooking PASTA (instead of “al dente”!) and keeping fresh MOZZARELLA in the fridge (only to be made of buffalo milk). Our piece will show the catastrophic results!
Visit www.inmusical.net for more information.