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freak show

5 May


Freak Show recently won the Scottish Daily Mail Edinburgh Award (Commended) and we are delighted to announce that Noisemaker will be taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe as a co-production with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Set in the macabre of a Victorian-style circus, FreakShow follows the stories and secrets of the most iconic freak performers in history. Explore the magic of the circus and the madness of the world behind it; seeing the beautiful, the barbaric and the downright bizarre. You will not want to look away…

Noisemaker Productions was formed by writing partnership Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie. FreakShow recently won the Scottish Daily Mail Drama Award 2013 (Commended).

Words by Scott Gilmour

Music by Claire McKenzie

Dan, The Unbreakable Abomination             Thomas Cotran

Ronnie, Keeper of the Abomination              Carrie-Jane Connor

Little Miss Thimble                                         Kirsty MacLaren

Alexis Bibrowski: The Missing Link                Robert Sharpe

Gloria-Ray, The Half-Lady                             Claire Seddon

Orion, The Man Who Can’t Forget                 Lawrence Libor                

Rali, The Woman Who Tells the Future         Rosie Ladkin

The Announcer                                               Scott Gilmour


Show Trailer