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Gormenghast - Titus Groan

11 February - 14 February

Blackshaw’s stage adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s Titus Groan, has been in development since October 2010.

The ‘Gormenghast series’, or ‘Titus books’, written by artist, author and poet Mervyn Peake, are set in a timeless world with a rigid class structure, thousands of age old traditions, and one ambitious kitchen boy. Titus Groan tells the first part of the story; the birth of Gormenghast’s heir, the descent of the Earl into madness, and Steerpike, a kitchen boy determined to better himself at all costs and who by doing so shakes Gormenghast to its very core.

Filled with rich characters, detailed description and vivid imagery, the Gormenghast series is ripe for a new theatrical interpretation and Blackshaw’s team of writers have come together to work on this brand new adaptation, with the full support of the Peake family.

If you want more information on the current status of the project then please contact Ellie Pitkin: ellie@blackshawonline.com.