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Mansa Musa

13 November


With an empire worth $400B in it’s time, what did the richest black man in history do with his wealth?


On his epic and moving journey from the Mali Empire to the city of Mecca, Mansa Musa endeavours to find a route towards hope and belonging by any means necessary.


A solo performance, adorned with poetry and prose, this brand new play is created by Yan Toby-Amisi, the writer of the Iris Summer Festival’s hit event – Blud


Yan Toby-Amisi is an actor and playwright from North London. A graduate of the Mountview BA Acting course (2016-2019), Yan has formed a solo theatre company by the name of vant-gard, and has been producing work across different venues in London. He is also a rapper under the moniker Talla, which also complements his work as an actor.”


Ticket Information

Saturday 13 November: 7.30pm


Tickets: £15

Age Guidance 15+