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Dramatic Verse Evening

9 June

It was an evening of textual invention and experimentation; a platform for poets, playwrights and slam artists to explore the widest variety of themes. We promenaded the audience around the gardens of St Paul’s exploring new verse theatre in a site specific way.

We were presenting works that ask the question; what is modern ‘dramatic verse’? Is it defined by William Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Tony Harrison or Sarah Kane? What happens in the space where poetry meets character and story-telling?

We have had over 250 submissions from award winning playwrights and poets from across the country, and further afield, and presented a section of what we felt to be the freshest and most original pieces.

Participants included Luke Wright, Melanie Penycate, Freddie Mills, Ashby McGowan, Kent de Pinto, Annette Brook, Sophie Reynolds, Alex Jones, James Kenward, Duncan Pflaster, Katrina NaomiRachael BattistiniJoshua Idehen, Andrew Sherlock, and Nicholas Murray.

Full running order of participants below.

Running Order – First half:

Piece: Sithran

Writer: Melanie Penycate


The haunting tale of a magic child born half human and half of the sea.

Director: Daniel Winder

John Harwood – OLD FISHERMAN
Diana Kashlan – SITHRAN
Liam Mansfield – JOSS
David Baynes – RAK
Rhidian Marc – MARLIN

Piece: The Monkey King 

Writer: Alex Jones


Based on a Buddhist legend this full length play explores the consequences when the world of the jungle is invaded by a human king; all in the name of some mangos.

Director: Dan Winder

Cast :
Paul Asmar – KAPI / KING
Jennifer Gabriele – MONKEY 3 / FISHERMAN 3
Heather Johnson – MONKEY 4 / TASTER
Dom Lisitorti –  MONKEY 2 / FISHERMAN 2
Liam Mansfield – MONKEY 1 / FISHERMAN 1
Joesph Radcliffe – KORUNG

Piece: Family

Writer: Freddie Mills


A family barbeque has unexpected consequences.

Director: Shane Morgan

Cast :

Paul Asmar – UNCLE JOHN
Lin Sagovsky – AUNTY JEAN
Sally Preston – YOUNG GIRL

Piece: Once Upon a Time in London Shitty

Writer: James Kenward


A gang of London teenagers talk life in London.

Director: Daniel Winder

Ben Cawley – MONEY
Adian Downing – IGGY
Mark Nunnington – TUCK
Emily Tucker – VERSE
Ben Williams- Lee – SINCH
Brandon Henry – FATES

Piece: Selchie

Writer: Ashby McGowan


A multi-voice piece, complex and layered, tells the tale of a man’s unpardonable act on a Selchie sea maid, and the terrible revenge that is taken.

Director: Shane Morgan

Peter  Manchester – ANGUS MacODRUM
Diana Kashlan – SELCHIE
Matthew Mellalieu – HOODED FIGURE
Emily Tucker – MARY MacODRUM

Piece: Bounty

Writer: Annette Brook


A woman in her 30s looks back at the 15 year old girl she used to be.

Director: Shane Morgan

Cast :

Ava Charles – WOMAN
Adelaide  Obeng – GIRL

Piece: The Tragedy of Dandelion

Writer: Duncan Pflaster


Somewhere in a foreign land two neighbouring countries are at war. The princess of one kingdom is in love with the prince of the other. She goes in disguise as a boy to meet him.

Director: Daniel Winder

Cast :

Lois Baldry – DANDELION
Rhidian Marc – CRISPIN
Heida Reed – CELIE

Running Order – Second half:


Piece: My love

Writer: Joshua Idehen


A short poem about love from a man’s point of view.

Director: Shane Morgan

Cast :
Joesph Radcliffe – BOY

Piece: I was mistaken, love 

Writer: Sophie Reynolds


A short poem about love in response from a girl

Director: Shane Morgan

Cast: Laura Wickham – GIRL

Piece: Losing Paradise

Writer: Andrew Sherlock


A merchant seaman returns home after many years at sea only to find there is no one left who remembers him.

Director: Daniel Winder

Cast :

Jennifer Gabriele – VOICE
John Harwood – OLDER JOHN
Heather Johnson – MOTHER
Peter Manchester – FATHER
Ross Stanley – JOHN

Piece: The Concept of LoveWriter: Rachael BattistiniSynopsis:

What’s love? What is the meaning of that one little word?

Director: Shane Morgan

Liam Clarke – MAN

Piece: Kennington southbound, 11.10am Writer: Katrina NaomiSynopsis:

Two strangers stand on a tube platform. In the silence we hear their thoughts.

Director: Ben Crystal

David Baynes – MAN
Jennifer Gabriele – WOMAN

Piece: For a brief period in the eightiesWriter: Kent de PintoSynopsis:

A short poem about a little piece of man flesh from a woman’s point of view.

Director: Shane Morgan

Lin Sagovsky

Piece: The Vile Assent of Lucien GoreWriter: Luke WrightSynopsis:

The almost imaginary tale of how a boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth might rise to become our Right Honourable Prime Minister.

Performer: Luke Wright
Piece: Get Real!Writer: Nicholas MurraySynopsis:

An unashamedly political poem disgesting and unpicking the current ecconmic and poltical landscape.

Director: Daniel Winder

Labour – Matthew Mellalieu
Capital – Ben Crystal