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Musical Theatre Showcase

17 March

In March 2011 Iris Theatre launched its new writing strand with a night of new musical theatre hosted by actress Natalie Casey. This was a platform for a delicious variety of work across a broad cross-section of styles and themes. Participants and musicals included Joe Sterling’s RoundaboutLuke Bateman & Katy Darby’s SadeFergal O’Mahony & James Richard’s Gutter Press. Find more here

Comments from participants:

I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone involved in ‘Workin’ Progress’. It is an incredible platform for exceptional new writers to showcase their work and is also a brilliant networking opportunity for actors, writers and directors. Some of the writing really was incredible and I felt privileged to be working alongside the next generation of musical theatre.” – Amy Heron (Saunders), Actress.
“I have found Iris Theatre to be nothing but supportive and enthusiastic toward my work. They strived to find someone who was perfect to sing a song of mine which shows true commitment to not only the song but the performance aswell. Getting new work into new ears isn’t easy and the opportunities that Iris Theatre give’s to it’s new writers makes the job a little more easier. “- Lee Freeman, Composer.