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The Art of Change: The Reckoning

4 May

100 years ago women finally got the vote. But at what cost?

Labour MP, Sara, is putting the finishing touches in place for the final reading of her Private Member’s Bill. Tory Minister, Imogen, is on the campaign trail with her assistant Charli.

A century earlier, suffragette, Emily, takes her cause to the doorstep of Parliament. If she’d known Elizabeth did the same 300 years previously, she’d not have been so patient.

Four women. Four stories. The impact of their actions felt for generations to come.

The Reckoning is a new piece of theatre, interweaving classic and newly composed songs with the fictional and factual stories of women – and men – who strive for equality.

The show will begin at 7.30pm each night.

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Tickets £15 (£12c)