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1 May

The Theory of Relativity is a new chamber musical that illustrates how people are intricately interconnected; how our personal journeys can have profound effects on those we come into contact with, from intimate partners to complete strangers. Through songs and monologues, an eclectic array of characters explore the unfolding mysteries and adventures in their intersecting lives and illuminate the relevance of Albert Einstein’s E=mc2 and that “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Directed by Christopher Lane
Music Direction by Barney Ashworth
Produced by Relative Motion
Relative Motion is a London-based theatre company, founded by Director Christopher Lane and Producer Josh McNorton. Our mission is to craft exceptional productions and to build strong, lasting relationships with artists, audiences and all those who believe in the significance of bodies, spaces, stories, and the relative motion between them. www.relativemotion.co.uk

Maria Coyne
Jodie Jacobs
Natasha Karp
Joshua LeClair
Samuel Pope
Matthew Quinn
Matthew Ronchetti
Ina Marie Smith