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14 February

To celebrate St. Valentine’s day in 2007 Iris theatre put together a short evening of Shakespearean sonnets and love songs at the Club for Acts and Actors, Bedford St. , Covent Garden. This charitable one-off was in aid of the Catholic Stage Guild. The evening’s performance was constructed over a single day’s rehearsal. All the fantastic performers involved gave their time for free.

The sonnets were arranged reasonably artfully into four ‘story’ threads which each explored the dynamics of a specific relationship. Although 90% of the sonnets were from Shakespeare we also snuck in one or two other more modern pieces. The music and song were supplied to great effect by Mary and Jim providing a complimentary backbone to the whole evening.

Love is the very short and inadequate word which we use to attempt to describe a myriad of conflicting human emotions, all of them overwhelming and mostly incomprehensible. Of course the mystery at the heart of love remains silent, ever watched and watchful. It is the centre of all our outpourings of language, but never speaks a word itself. All love poetry is an inevitably flawed attempt to pin down the indescribable. If you have been in love, if you are in love, you just know.

Cast List

Director – Daniel Winder

Ass. Director – Alex Medem

Piano – Francis James Brown

Songs – Mary Gifford Brown

Poetry Readings :

Thread 1 – Bradley Taylor, Constance Dalrymple

Thread 2 – Tom Hunter, Annekoos Arlman

Thread 3 – Mary Gifford Brown, Tom Durham

Thread 4: Nicole Scott, Alexander Warner

Addition pieces: Daniel Winder