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Iris Theatre are committed to supporting emerging artists through an ongoing range of initiatives. Our Workin Process platform provides new musical theatre writers showcasing opportunities, creative competitions, workshops and access to producing advice. Take a look at the different options below to find out how you can become a part of Iris Theatre’s growing creative community.



Have you got an idea for a show? Are you looking for a place to perform your show in front of an audience for the first time? Have you just work-shopped your work and are looking for the next step?

Iris Theatre’s Workin Process Showcases provide opportunities to emerging writers and producers to showcase their work at low cost in a convenient central London location, as a platform to perform their work to a public audience before committing to a full production.

Click on the link above to get in touch if you have a new musical in development or would like to know more about showcasing your work with Iris Theatre.

Spring 2019 SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN – Find out more here



At Iris Theatre we know how daunting it can be to take on the role of ‘Producer’ for the first time. Our Producer Surgery initiative will give emerging producers access to free producing advice in the form of a 1 hour session with one of our experienced in-house producers or associates. You might have no-idea where to start or just want to share ideas and get feedback – whatever it is, we are here to help!

After completing our survey, which gives us a great idea of where your production is at and what you might want to discuss, we can book in a session about marketing, development, fundraising, production management or another producing skill!

To book a session, complete the survey in the above link (Ignore any questions about showcasing if it is N/A) and email Emma Murton, General Manager –

Please put ‘Producer Surgery Session’ in the subject line.



Iris Theatre produce a number of Workin Process events in-house aimed to inspire new musical theatre work by prompting artists to make a creative response or form new collaborations. Workin Process events come in the shape of competitions and are a platform for artists to showcase their skills.

Our most popular event to date Xmas Factor is an annual writers competition showcasing new Christmas themed tunes which comes together in a concert extravaganza every December at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden

In 2017, we produced a Christmas album of Xmas Factor winning songs over the year. Now available on Spotify and iTunes.