H.R.Haitch crushes it in the first week


One week in, and we are already knee deep in sheet music, scripts, and #chelfies! Thanks to the genius and hard work of our writer, Mary Evens, and composer, Luke Bateman, our stomachs are permanently sore from continual laughing (and we subsequently thank them for this excuse to continue to evade the gym).  H.R.Haitch’s first week of rehearsal was a success, our talented cast sounding more and more like a choir of angels with each run through.

Each member brings new flavor to the show, from Laura Wickham’s (Victoria) clear vocal tone to the operatic and distinctive Rosemary Ashe (the Queen) to the doe eyed Matthew Pennington (the Prince) to our East end heroine’s oh so charming accent (Chelsea played by Tori Allen-Martin). Honestly, we could not be more proud or excited about H.R. Haitch. but we are constantly being surprised by this crack team. If one were to measure the success of a show by the number of tea bags used to fuel its cast, H.R.Haitch wins the award.