Iris Theatre’s New Years Resolutions

Iris Theatre is looking forward more than ever to the upcoming year of productions, projects and workshops! So instead of concentrating on what we shouldn’t be doing this new year, we are going to focus on what we can do more of.

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Another fantastic Summer Season consisting of more epic promenade performances around the grounds of St Paul’s Church. Coming up this summer we have Twelfth Night and Pinocchio.

Twelfth_Web_690x480_acf_cropped Pinocchio_Web_690x480_acf_cropped


2. More exciting Workin Process projects to give young emerging artists the opportunity to develop and present their work.

Take a look at our Audience Award Winner and Iris Panel Award Winner from Xmas Factor 2014.


3. Help to stage more fresh productions, working with emerging theatre makers at St Paul’s Church. Coming up early 2015 we are looking forward to What You Will – Stage Pioneers and Moonshine’s Entirely Necessary Adventure – Magic Maverick.

What-You-Will-Page-Logo-JPEG-2_690x480_acf_cropped Moonshine_690x480_acf_cropped



We hope you can join us this year in achieving our new year’s resolutions…I think one of yours could be, ‘to see more theatre’ – so start here!