Musical Theatre Blind Date: Joseph & Simon on Leicester Square

We speak to Simon Egerton, partnered with Joseph Finlay, about their writing experience, working on a show-stopping song about Leicester Square.

This has been writing at distance. Not a new concept but due to mutual commitments Joseph and haven’t met other than a brief introduction on Skype. That was enough to establish that Joseph preferred setting a lyric and I preferred writing a lyric pre setting so the ball was in my court to produce something.

Joseph said he’d prefer something not too heavy or at least with a sense of irony and I said I’d like to avoid a love affair and look at an age difference. As we had a duet for two women and Leicester Square, I started with mother and daughter.


leicester sq tw


The first draft was essentially the first half of the narrative to see how it would work for the musical setting. Due to time constraints Joseph requested a simpler structure. The second draft was the same half of the narrative reformed. This was more clear for the rhythmic possibilities  so I carried on, sending the lyrics over without the final tag verse for Joseph to play with.

In fact the final stanza was sent soon after and before setting so Joseph could work on a complete lyric. He mailed back the completed score.

We made some minor tweaks for rhythm and slight alterations for voicing the end of the piece before submitting!


We wish the best of luck to the pair of them