Musical Theatre Blind Date: Stuart & Louise are smug with the Piccadilly Circus

We catch up with Stuart Barter and, Blind Date veteran, Louise Ainsley, getting the inside scoop on writing a show-stopping tune based on the theme of Piccadilly Circus.

picc circus tw

Stuart Tells Us

What was your reaction to this year’s Blind Date theme, and your assigned station?

A surprise. I didn’t know there would be a theme! Louise had plenty of lyric ideas for Piccadilly Station, and I think we were quite pleased to have it – rather than, say, Aldwych!

Why are you excited about Blind Date 2015?

I’ve never done it before, and don’t think I’ve ever met the other writers. It’s always exciting to work with and meet new people.

How you are your partners ‘writing dates’ been going?

Louise lives in Northumberland and I live in East London – so we’ve written our song entirely remotely! Louise has been sending drafts of lyrics and I’ve been sending back recordings of the song. Seems to have gone well – I think we’ve enjoyed it.

stuart and louise selfie

What style of song are you looking to create this year, and why?

Our song is built around a guitar and loop-station, with repeating patterns slowly building up. I guess it’s ‘minimal-musical-theatre(!)’.

Have you done anything like Blind Date before?

Can’t say I have!

Are you staying safe with your song style or trying something new, and how?

I’ve never written music for guitar/loop-station and piano, and hopefully it doesn’t sound like a typical song from a show. We think we’re trying something a bit new – though they do say there are no more new ideas….

Louise tells us

I very much enjoyed my jaunt to London last Sunday (4th Oct Blind Date Workshop).  The run through of our song was very useful and it was great to meet so many wonderful people with a passion for theatre and writing songs- not least my writing partner Stuart! (because I live in Northumberland we hadn’t had a chance to meet before the workshop) and the fabulous team from Iris Theatre.  
We adjourned to The Nags Head afterwards for Guinness and crisps in the good company of Julian, Charles and Alice. 
 On the Monday morning I had just enough time before my train home to visit Piccadilly Circus, the colourful, chaotic, London landmark that myself and Stuart had the luck to be assigned for our Blind Date Piccadilly line station. I enjoyed the research and ended up with far more than I could use in one song (could be more to follow…)- stuff like Lord Shaftbury’s fountain, set up as a last charitable act, has run dry. 
louise piccadilly 1                                   louise piccadilly 2
(Rain starts to fall in Piccadilly Circus…)
 Despite Sunday having been a warm sunny day, on the Monday it started to rain so I was able to take photos to illustrate some of the images that inspired the words of the song.  (Also included is a picture of Eros the tiny dancer on my finger.) (I had to draw the line at the images of me wearing Eros fountain as a hat…)
I am very much looking forward to the concert on 22nd October, (next week in fact!)  to hear how all the songs have developed and maybe meet a few more of the writers as well as those that I met last time. Good times!

We wish this pair the best of luck!