Opening Night blog by Denis Delahunt

Opening night is always the cause of a variety of feelings.  We have been rehearsing for only 3 weeks and we are all pretty tired so any excitement is tempered by a certain level of exhaustion!  That said, our director Amy has provided such an easy blend of taskmaster (mistress?) and affable colleague that we really have had every chance to get ourselves fully prepared, so – no excuses!

As I approach our first night I feel a genuine sense of the excitement of being part of a team which is about to tell a fabulous story of love, both tragic and comic.  As the senior member of cast I have been dragged along at a hair-raising pace towards the starting line and the support of my young pals has been invaluable to me.  So – I think I’m ready and I know I shall feel a slightly trembling fear, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else on Wednesday evening….